License Suspensions: Part Three of a Three Part Series

In Part One of our Three Part Series regarding License Suspensions, we introduced generally the topic of license suspensions and the most common causes for a suspended license. In Part Two of our Three Part Series, we discussed the issue of License Suspensions resulting from non-attentiveness. In today’s post, we discuss the issue of suspensions resulting from over-attentiveness (usually caused by a moral desire to obey the law and simply make the ticket or fine go away).

Imagine the following, very real scenario: you receive a ticket and, being overly concerned about not being timely in your response, write a check and pay the fine immediately. In doing so, do you realize what you’ve done? You have just plead guilty to whatever violation is the basis of the ticket.

Car Keys

Did you know that many violations lead to additional penalties imposed by Penndot that are not mentioned on the ticket? Many people don’t. In addition, since local courts are not permitted to provide legal advice, many people who are trying to promptly respond to the ticket (to avoid a suspension, and follow the law) frequently find out after paying the fine that Penndot is suspending the license because of the nature of the violation.

Be aware that pleading ‘guilty’ or being found ‘guilty’, means being “convicted“. Once convicted, Penndot can impose points and suspensions which can be more costly than the original fines.

The moral of this story and three-part series is simple: be attentive to any tickets you may receive but be cautious before pleading guilty to them. It is critically important to know what all the ramifications are prior to doing so.

NOTICE: If you’re license has been suspended or you’re facing the potential of a license suspension, the attorneys at Howland Hess O’Connell are available today to help you. Michael Cassidy is very experienced with the Motor Vehicle Code, Penndot’s schedule of penalties, and, most importantly the police officers and judicial system that handle these citations. Competent legal advice can save money (in fines, costs, and higher insurance premiums), and quite frequently, the loss of your driver’s license.

Legal Disclaimer: The contents of this website are intended solely for informational purposes. They neither constitute nor imply an official legal opinion on behalf of Howland, Hess, Guinan, Torpey, Cassidy and O’Connell nor do they establish an attorney-client relationship of any kind. Howland Hess O’Connell encourages all readers to seek and consult professional counsel before acting upon the information contained on this site.


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