Enhanced Bucks County DUI Patrols Beginning at 10:00 PM This Evening

As highlighted in our most recent article, Thanksgiving Eve marks the beginning of an increase in DUI patrols in the local area with the objective of cracking down on accidents, injuries and deaths caused by impaired driving throughout Pennsylvania during the holiday season.
An article published in the Newtown Patch, a source for local news in Bucks County, details the county’s planned attack to monitor impaired driving throughout the county this evening. According to the article, linked here, police units from eight (8) separate departments will be out this evening with the objective of detecting and deterring drunk driving.

In what is anticipated to be “the most heavily traveled Thanksgiving in almost a decade”, the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office intends to combat the potential for a heightened number of impaired drivers by rolling out DUI patrols who will be roving along the Street Road corridor.

According to the article in the Newtown Patch, starting at 10:00 PM this evening “21 police from Bensalem, Middletown, Solebury, Upper Southampton, Warrington and Warwick Townships, as well as Newtown and Penndel Boroughs, will patrol the four-lane thoroughfare from Bensalem to Warrington, as well as its feeder streets, until approximately 3 a.m. Thursday…”

To understand why Bucks County is taking such a progressive and aggressive stance against drunk driving, the Newtown Patch provides the following startling data. Just in Pennsylvania, the Thanksgiving weekend was the third-deadliest holiday period in 2015. There were 1,428 crashes, which resulted in 21 traffic deaths. These statistics provide a very clear picture of exactly why Bucks County has targeted Thanksgiving Eve as a night to unveil its most recent strategy to deter impaired driving. Furthermore, as cited in the Newtown Patch article, ten (10) drivers were arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence just last year.

As noted in our previous article, the upcoming holiday season should be one of joy and festivities celebrated with family and friends. Please take special note of this early alert regarding the presence of impaired drivers on the road, the heightened police awareness, and to always think twice before getting behind the wheel after imbibing in the holiday spirits.

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